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The purpose of human life is to serve, show compassion and be willing to help others.

Family in the Park

Mr. Juan (Born in Guatemala, naturalized U.S. citizen), describe his surrogacy journey that led to the birth of his beautiful twins.


"When I decided to start my surrogacy process, I was looking for an organization that would guide me through every step of our process and help me realize my dream of having a family as a same-sex couple. At first, I looked at other companies, but I didn't think I had found the right one, but as time went on, I found American Miracles and decided begin with my journey, and I really felt that I had found the right one.

So, I decided to get in touch with American Miracles and I was impressed with how prepared the team was, and I could see that they already had a lot of experience. This is what prompted me to start the surrogacy process.

During all the months of the process, I had the help and support of them in every way, as they gave me information about the process and detailed every step, so they made me feel happy and confident.

When we finished the process and I received my 2 daughters, I felt great happiness and I knew that choosing them was the best decision I made to be able to form my family and make my dream come true"

Father and Daughter

Mr. John (American Citizen from Chicago) describes his surrogacy journey that led to the birth of his handsome son. 


"I remember before doing the procedure I was very scared, but then American Miracles team fully instructed and guided me through every step of the procedure and made me feel comfortable and satisfied. I was very impressed with the company throughout the entire process, and I have no doubt that if I want to do another surrogacy procedure in the future I will definitely do it with them. It was the most rewarding experience I have ever had, as it was a procedure where I was guided through every step, and it was easy to do with American Miracles team, they made me feel confident in everything that was being done, so the experience could not have been more positive"

Mr. Björn (Sweden citizen) expressed the following during his surrogacy journey.


"After a year and a half's unsuccessful experiences with a program in Colombia, I was looking for another program that can fulfill my dream of starting my own family in June 2021. Fortunately, I found American Miracles and got the chance to meet the team virtually. The team was very candid about details and were always there to address my questions. I started my journey with American Miracles in July 2021, and the surrogate mother has been pregnant for over three months by Jan 2022.


For American Miracles, you would not experience any surprise or hidden fee. American Miracles provided me with all the information that allowed me to make the decision best for me. My first trip to Guatemala was amazing. Everything was done effectively and professionally.  I strongly recommend American Miracles to anyone who considers starting a family through surrogacy"

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