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This is American Miracles

We find inspiration in every process

Our professional team for many years helped the dream of many people to build their own families through our Agency by International Adoptions, after the laws in Guatemala changed the legislation, our Agency continued to support people with alternative methods such as In Vitro Fertilization IVF with great success as well as Egg Donation, Gestational Carriers, and Surrogacy. Our professional team works with the highest international standards, including IVF laboratory, Obstetritians, a hospital where gestational carriers delivered, lawyers, psychologists, facilitators, and operational and administrative staff, such as Intended Parents and gestational carriers supporters. 

After a while we realized that we needed to affiliate with other countries, other agencies, other facilitators to be able to provide more alternatives to our clients around the world so we have made these strategic alliances with our partners and affiliates around the world to provide a service that provides everything our clients need with the highest standards to satisfy our clients needs, that is why today we have programs in Guatemala, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Georgia and Sweden.

Family Time
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