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"The bonds of love in family allow us to enjoy happy moments together, create unforgettable memories and share our life stories."
Doctor Examining Pregnant Woman

What Does it Take to be an American Miracles Egg Donor?

A note on local Guatemalan egg donors. 

The country of Guatemala is truly a racial melting pot.  Prior to the Spanish arrival, the area was populated by indigenous people.  The Spanish colonized what is now Guatemala in the 1500s and added their genes to the pool.  Starting In the 1800s and onward we had large numbers of German and Italian immigrants.    Within the past decades, we have had many immigrants from other Latin and North American countries.  Specifically, Guatemala has many people from El Salvador, Colombia, Mexico, and Venezuela. 

With a population of nearly 18 million, and six million people residing in the capital, we have a wide variety of egg donors.

No restrictions exist on information shared about egg donors to Intended Parents (IPs).  We will provide adult photos of her, and in some cases, you can have a video call with her.  The video call depends on the desire for privacy of the egg donor.  Nonetheless, the majority of local egg donors choose to speak with Intended Parents.

We will provide IPs with a full history of her and her family’s health information.    Egg donors undergo a thorough medical evaluation.

American Miracles Egg Donor Program Overview

We have a number of healthy, beautiful women who are will help you create your family.  We are constantly seeking super qualified women to assist our Intended Parents.

Many egg donors understand the struggles an individual or couple may go through in an attempt to start a family, and they want to help. Couples facing infertility, LGBTQ+ couples, single parents, and others often require the assistance of egg donors to have a child.

We prefer candidates who are creative, intelligent, and charismatic along with being culturally and ethnically diverse.   We have many local Guatemalan egg donors and others who come to us from other countries such as El Salvador, Colombia, Mexico, and Venezuela.  

Our program includes comprehensive medical screening, education, and cycle management — all provided with the highest levels of professionalism, confidentiality, empathy, and support.

American Miracles also has agreements with egg banks in other countries.