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Services Provided in the American Miracles Package

Gestational Carrier: ​

  • Background check

  • Medical records review

  • Psychological screening (battery and clinical examination)

  • Medical screening (physical and blood work)

  • GC's monthly compensation starting when she signs with IPs

  • Her lump sum payment for the journey (at the end with custody release)

  • Maternity clothes

  • Housing allowance monthly payments

  • Transportation and accompaniment to all medical appointments and birth


Obstetrics and Hospital:

  • All prenatal care appointments

  • Birth at a local hospital / includes C-section if needed

  • Up to three days stay at the hospital ($200 per day if extended)

  • Amniocentesis if medically warranted


Fertility Clinic:

  • Sperm collection and freezing if necessary (one-year storage included)

  • Egg retrieval from IM or donor

  • In Vitro Fertilization with ICSI, if necessary

  • Embryo freezing and storage for one year 

  • Up to two embryo transfers are included, and a third is an extra $3,000

  • All hormones for the egg donor and the GC

  • All blood tests to monitor pre and post-embryo transfer monitoring



  • A legal agreement between IPs and GC

  • Birth certificate, with translation

  • A legal change in child custody from GC/Intended father (IF) to IF only

  • Guatemalan person (baby) registration with RENAP (National Records)

  • Consular Birth Certificate and Passport for baby,



  • Assistance with hotel and travel arrangements in Guatemala

  • Translation with meeting GC, physicians, hospital

  • Airport pickup and return


Not included:

  • Fees to gamete donor 

  • Shipping fees for embryos or gametes from another country

  • Twins, GC gets $5,000 more with twins

  • Extended hospital stays due to complications

  • Neonatal hospital care for the baby

  • Genetic testing of embryos (estimated $2,500 $4,000)

  • Testicular sperm extraction

  • Third embryo transfer ($5,000)

  • Beyond one year of the embryo and/or gamete storage ($500 after the first year)

  • Neonatal intensive care (estimated at $300 per day)

  • DNA testing if needed (estimated at $900 per person)

  • IP travel, lodging, and meals

  • Intended mother or husband (gay) adoption in another country

Legal Matters Guatemala

 Our lawyers will walk you through everything.  Here is a listing of the legal procedures involved.


  1. You make a contract with us for our services.

  2. You make a gestational surrogacy contract with your selected Gestational Carrier.

  3. At birth, the baby will be registered with the Guatemalan government via a birth certificate.  You will be listed as the father.

  4. Passports will be obtained for your baby from your country’s embassy.  Your child will be registered as a citizen of your country’s embassy.

  5. The GC will relinquish her parental rights at birth.

Most members of our team are located in Guatemala City as is our fertility clinics, lawyers, houses for GCs, and birth hospitals.  The city and surrounding cities in the valley comprise at least  5 million people.  


Visa Information

If you have a USA, Canadian, or European Union passport you will enter without a visa.  You are permitted 90 days in the country.  This can be extended another 90 days if you choose.



Guatemala City has a hotel location from virtually every major US-based hotel chain.  Examples include Marriot, Clarion, Westin, Barcelo, Holiday Inn, Raddison, and Intercontinental.  Apart from the large chain hotels, there are plenty of non-chain hotels. The city also has plenty of high-rise apartment buildings offering luxury or economical rentals via Airbnb.  Private homes are also available and some with lots of green garden space.


Embassy Information

Being a large Central American capital, Guatemala City is the location of many embassies.  Included are the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Israel, Mexico, Spain, Italy, and many more.

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