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“The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.”

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We are an established surrogacy program in Guatemala that permits SINGLE PEOPLE, AND SAME SEX COUPLES, ELDERLY ADULTS   We have been operating since 2016.  Our program was only word of mouth until 2023 when we started to advertise. From the year 2024 we begin to make international alliances with different companies and agencies that may join our agency in order to strengthen our services in all areas and places that our customers require it, it is our commitment to support anyone seeking our services and provide the tools to have a process as satisfactory as possible.

Our program is most appealing to those seeking affordable, faster alternatives to surrogacy World wide. This complete package deal for build a family  occurs via in vitro fertilization and gestational surrogacy.  This package includes all legal work, fertility work (IVF), a Gestational Carrier, all her expenses, and local legal work.  It comes at one fee and there are no extra charges unless unusual circumstances arise or extra items are desired.   Note, we do offer local egg donors in each country and also we can proceed to with foreign donors or proceed with your own embryos in caase you have made them already.

Come to a step closer to making your dreams come true and contact us.

Baby Lying Down

Our Program

Purple Buds


Services Provided in the American Miracles Package

  • Gestational Carrier 

  • Obstetrics and Hospital

  • Fertility Clinic

  • Legal

  • Local

  • Not included

  • Legal Matters Guatemala

  • Visa Information 

  • Accommodations 

  • Embassy Information


Programs of countries associated and affiliated

  • Mexico

  • Colombia

  • Brasil

  • Georgia

  • United states

  • Canada

  • Israel

  • United Kingdom

  • Sweeden


Comprehensive Family Creation

  • Process and Outcome / Presentation Introduction

  • Screening and Selecting GCs

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