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Our team

We are a team of professionals, we do not determine people by their religion, age, ethnicity, or gender, but rather, our only interest is to provide people who dream of building their own family, to be the facilitators of the process to be done in an honest, clear and comfortable. We seek to ensure that the people who are interested in our programs are really provided with everything they need during the whole process from the beginning to the end and to create a chain of people who are satisfied with their process with us, and can share with their relatives and friends the happiness of having chosen the Perfect program to realize their dream of becoming parents.  

American Miracles has worked for 23 years to guarantee, not only the legality of all the processes that are carried out to build the families but also because part of the funds from the Gestational carriers and surrogacy program go to help the support programs for low-income people that our non-profit advises throughout Guatemala. Also we encourage all our surrogates to become self-sustaining after the program, many of them set up their own small businesses such as restaurants, beauty salons and boutiques in order to support their large families. We have witnessed over time that surrogate mothers also realize their dreams of not only supporting the intended parents in their desire to raise a family but also realize their own dreams of becoming small business owners and thus becoming empowered women and being an active part of society in their home countries.

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Ron M. 
General Programs Facilitator
USA Program Coordinator

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Viktoria K.
International Surrogacy Program Coordinator

(Guatemala and Georgia program)

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Adriana I.
Administrative Director of Mexico and Colombia program

Ron is the USA Coordinator Program and Facilitator of the surrogacy programs abroad, attended law school in Guatemala, where he is the Legal Representative and President of a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO). For more than 23 years this NGO provided assistance to people in Guatemala and abroad with an international Adoptions and Gestational carrier Programs succesfully since 2001.

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Fabiana F.
Director of Brazil program

Fabiana has over 5 years experience in assisted human reproduction, she works to help people realise their dream of motherhood/ fatherhood. She is responsible for welcoming patients with care and dedication in order to understand each of their particularities and help them with their infertility treatment processes.


Stuart Urla

CCO Legal department of Gestational Carrier


Stuart is in the process of developing sophisticated methods for screening surrogate candidates by utilizing customized technology and engaging with individuals over the phone. The screening techniques he employs include the involvement of psychologists, a detective, and a highly trained team of women who interact with candidates. He is also in charge to bring to surrogates to each appoinment to the laboratories and Clinics.

Viktoria has dedicated herself to the fields of surrogacy, egg donation, and IVF. Her role has been pivotal in guiding and supporting countless families through their fertility journeys. This work is deeply rewarding, and it’s her passion to help create families.
She also brings a wealth of experience in customer service and support, ensuring that every client feels heard, understood, and cared for. Her background in psychology, with a Bachelor's degree from Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, has equipped her with the skills to empathize and connect deeply with our intended parents.

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Raphael C. 
International Courier

Raphael is an international door 2 door hand carry transport company for gametes and embryos, the only one based in Latin America and get the best conditions to offer a competitive budget without compromising the World Class quality. Humanized service and direct communication, 24 hours, with patients. We use the best equipment available with a data logger, which shows and records the temperature inside the cylinder every 20 minutes. Temperature report issued at the end of transport. We got several patient references. 100% of shipped samples were delivered successfully! 


Bernardo G.

Bernardo is a clinical psychologist, specialist in analysis and psychological processes, graduated from one of the most prestigious universities in guatemala. He has a master's degree in analysis. He is in charge of interviewing donors and surrogates before entering the program. 

Adriana has an extensive experience in the IVF industry, she has dedicated her career to help individuals and couples realize their dreams of parenthood. She has provide comprehensive and compassionate fertility treatments, with a focus on personalized care and cutting-edge technologies. She had the privilege of managing fertility treatments in both Colombia and Mexico, bringing hope and successful outcomes to many families.


Katherine M. 
IVF Clinic and Laboratory facilitator 

Katherine has been characterized by her optimism and her work in customer service along with her coordination of the donors and logistics of the same. In charge of interview and follow-up of the donors before, during and after the donation process


Carlos Ortiz
OB. Clinical and IVF laboratory specialist 

Carlos collects and analyzes biological samples, conducts a variety of tests including genetic screenings, and maintains meticulous records. His precise and compassionate approach ensures the well-being of pregnant women and their infants, making him an essential part of the healthcare team in this field.


Kimberly N.
Director, Business Development & Marketing


Andrew W.


Carolina S.
Egg Donor Program Planning Manager

Kimberly is a passionate creative who knows the importance content plays in digital marketing, therefore, she is in charge of strategically developing the content for our own organization. She facilitates and guides intentional parents through the process with all the information needed to start their process and build their own families. 

Andrew is responsible for the management of financial records, ensuring that our organization's transactions are accurate, complete, and in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. His insights contribute significantly to informed decision-making by the management, fostering the organization's financial stability and growth.

Carolina is responsible for overseeing and coordinating various aspects of an egg donor program, typically within a fertility or assisted reproductive technology organization. Communicates with both egg donors and recipients, providing information about the program, addressing concerns, and offering support.

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Christopher S.
Marketing Manager


Christopher has taken care of having a professional and high-quality preparation for marketing and its different areas. He is a person who is characterized by being enthusiastic and productive, therefore he is in charge of our networks and website in order to provide the best information and experience to our customers who would like to create their family.

Diego S.
Operations and logistics manager

Diego coordinates and oversees all stages of the surrogacy process, ensuring a smooth and efficient transition from surrogate selection to delivery of the baby. Hi is responsible of managing medical providers, organizing appointments and procedures, legal compliance, constant communication with all parties involved, and handling any incidents that may arise. 


Victoria F.
Obstetrician and gynecologist 

Victoria is in charge of evaluating surrogates throughout their pregnancy until the day of delivery and providing postpartum care to surrogates. 


Gustavo E.


Gustavo is in charge of picking up our patients at the airport, taking them to their hotel, transporting them to their appointments at the laboratories, hospitals, civil registry, embassy, and again from their hotel to the airport when our patients go back home. 

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