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American Miracles Surrogacy Agency has been working hard for many years to make known the surrogacy programs in Guatemala where our operations center and main program is located Mexico, Colombia, Brasil and Georgia where we hace procedures it self and other countries as United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Sweeden wich are some of our strongest affiliates, making our programs the most friendliets, affordables and transparents around the world. Under this precept we have made strategic alliances with surrogacy agencies, Insurance Companies, IVF clinics, Couriers, Egg Donor Banks, Counseling, among others, to give the facility to all our clients to have a pleasant journey, together with our experts team and our associates we will make your dreams of building your own family or expanded in the shortest possible time and being properly informed by our experts team of every step of your procedure in all our countries programs, we welcome you and thank you for trusting us to be part of your life journey.

Associated companies that provide services to our clients:

Sage is an association desgined explicitly for the fertility industry that provides benefits to its members. This association provides better benefits than a Surrogacy Insurance Company.

  • To access any of SAGE member benefits, you must become a member of their association by clicking the link below:

It is a pleasure to share with you this video that was made by our friends at Growing International Families Together, an agency that works with us in the area of counseling for people who want to embark on their journey in our surrogacy program. This coaching is available before, during and/or at the end of your surrogacy journey. Please watch the video and write to us if you have any questions.


We are an international door 2 door hand carry transport company for gametes and embryos, the only one based in Latin America and get the best conditions to offer a competitive budget without compromising the World Class quality. Humanized service and direct communication, 24 hours, with patients. We use the best equipment available with a data logger, which shows and records the temperature inside the cylinder every 20 minutes. Temperature report issued at the end of transport. We got several patient references. 100% of shipped samples were delivered successfully! Average time from pick up to delivery: 24/36hs. 

Find happiness with American Miracles 
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